This text file was laying in the document root. It is apparently related to a PHP chat system that P1st made after one of the booter personnel was arrested. They were too paranoid to use Skype or other normal means of communication. IP addresses could be probably found in the Apache log I posted earlier.

Looks like the lines have a timestamp and a nick name after the chat text. File modification date is May 29 2016.

Anyone know who these involved people are? What is the “blackmail thing” they denied?


6    Hi (hug)    1463912061    7otx6
7    Hi    1463947539    r5DGe
8    Hi    1463947567    7otx6
9    What happened to the SSL?    1463947586    r5DGe
10    and credit card payments    1463947593    r5DGe
11    Did Jesse bail?    1463947604    r5DGe
12    The SSL got shut down due to a report, apparently    1463947650    7otx6
13    And yeah    1463947664    7otx6
14    "But yeah the card gateway is down. Once we figure out what's going on I'll bring it back. Il send your payout as of now sometime after my exams"    1463947674    7otx6
15    "But I don't want to be arrested so idk how far I'm willing to go for it"    1463947685    7otx6
16    How are you btw    1463947702    7otx6
17    Fine, I wanted to tell you to change the fraud email password    1463947717    r5DGe
18    Yeah I already did    1463947734    7otx6
19    Good and the Vox login?    1463947744    r5DGe
20    Uhm, does it really matter? :P    1463947769    7otx6
21    Well, can you see logins?    1463947783    r5DGe
22    I can change it if you want    1463947783    7otx6
23    Hmm, what do you know about the SSL report?    1463947855    r5DGe
24    You think it might be CF so they can intercept requests?    1463947895    r5DGe
25    I don't think so, it was Digicert    1463947990    7otx6
26    They didn't give any details?    1463948008    r5DGe
27    1463948071    7otx6
28    :S    1463948081    7otx6
29    It was probably someone from HF, you have nothing to worry about    1463948144    7otx6
30    could you copy the imgur link?    1463948178    r5DGe
31    it's not letting me authenticate using CF for some reason.    1463948198    r5DGe
32    1463948200    7otx6
33    Hmm, maybe it was Jesse?    1463948241    r5DGe
34    It could be him, I don't know..    1463948289    7otx6
35    Anyway, you should tell him to not worry. I honestly don't think they are going to investigate into vDos.    1463948303    r5DGe
36    During questioning they referred to stressers as a legal tools.    1463948345    r5DGe
37    tool*    1463948367    r5DGe
38    Did you all make new Skypes then?    1463948398    r5DGe
39    Yeah, do you want me to add Ris? I think he's awake    1463948436    7otx6
40 yay    1463948486    7otx6
41    I'm back sorry    1463949962    7otx6
42    Can an underage person go to jail in the UK?    1463950038    7otx6
43    I'm not familiar with the UK law    1463950051    7otx6
44    You here?    1463951295    KwAUQ
45    I'm back.    1463951324    KwAUQ
46    Clear the chat for now and get Ris in here.    1463951425    KwAUQ
47    Alrighty    1463953792    7otx6
48    Hello    1463953871    3HzCM
49    Max (dull) (I miss Skype)    1463953892    3HzCM
50    I think Unknown is AFK    1463953947    7otx6
51    RIP    1463953953    7otx6
52    What? I'm Unknown.    1463953963    3HzCM
53    Do you mean Ris?    1463953979    3HzCM
54    Oh, your ID just changed to something different    1463954004    7otx6
55    Yeah, is it based on your IP or session?    1463954022    3HzCM
56    did you clear your cookies?    1463954033    7otx6
57    I restarted the PC I am using because the display driver fucked up.    1463954060    3HzCM
58    I'm using Tor so it doesn't remember cookies/history by default.    1463954083    3HzCM
59    Oh, I see..    1463954101    7otx6
60    I should have guessed the api subdomain, my bad.    1463954111    3HzCM
61    Well, it's getting late, I should go to bed now    1463954124    7otx6
62    It's fine    1463954130    7otx6
63    Alright, do you know if Ris is coming?    1463954137    3HzCM
64    Did Ris and AJ make new Skypes or just you?    1463954162    3HzCM
65    Oh, also, I watched a new review of vDos on YouTube. The user was using Mettra's graph ( he either lied about it being shut down or brought it back online.    1463954218    3HzCM
66    Just Ris and I. and I think he's away    1463954453    7otx6
67    and yeah I've seen it, rip    1463954470    7otx6
68    I saw your message about UK law.    1463954507    3HzCM
69    BRB    1463954543    7otx6
70    I am not sure if I'll go to prision, but they will treat me as a minor since I was 17 at the time of the offence.    1463954560    3HzCM
71    Hi.    1463954652    w0tAo
72    Hi, is that Ris?    1463954680    3HzCM
73    Yes./    1463954693    w0tAo
74    What was the program that I made with you called?    1463954709    3HzCM
75    XmlrpcScannerGUI.exe    1463954743    w0tAo
76    Alright, hi. They also arrested me for that other thing that I was questioned about.    1463954765    3HzCM
77    Oh, damn.     1463954780    w0tAo
78    Since they knew I worked at the company and I'd been brought in for DDoSing they made the connection.    1463954800    3HzCM
79    I see, so where are you right now?    1463954832    w0tAo
80    I'm at home.    1463954842    3HzCM
81    Ah alright.     1463954853    w0tAo
82    They took my PC, phone, router and PS4.    1463954866    3HzCM
83    Holy shit, what are you on now then?    1463954876    w0tAo
84    and they also took my parent's main PC. I am using a PC that my step-brother gave us to use.    1463954908    3HzCM
85    I see.    1463954921    w0tAo
86    How pissed are your parents?    1463954935    w0tAo
87    They are fine.    1463954947    3HzCM
88    I denied the blackmail thing. I doubt they'd find anything.    1463954984    3HzCM
89    Well that's good. At least their not mad at you, don't need anymore stress rn.    1463955002    w0tAo
90    Yeah, the blackmail thing they shouldn't have anything on you. It'd only be on me. They also have no proof of you with the data.    1463955028    w0tAo
91    Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it. They have a team of spastics working on the blackmail investigation.    1463955038    3HzCM
92    ;p    1463955049    w0tAo
93    The Janet attack they have a good team working on it. My SSD was truecrypted but I gave them the login since I want it back.    1463955093    3HzCM
94    Nice.    1463955120    w0tAo
95    I literally formatted my SSD 3 days before which is unrecoverable.    1463955125    3HzCM
96    I'm really glad I did that, I would have been fucked otherwise lol    1463955142    3HzCM
97    Nice, honestly it's good to do so on a regular basis.    1463955144    w0tAo
98    They're going to find the Parted Magic disk but it's a legal tool.    1463955185    3HzCM
99    Well, I downloaded it ilegally lol    1463955197    3HzCM
100    lol rip    1463955211    w0tAo
101    I downloaded The Hateful Eight too :P    1463955233    3HzCM
102    It was a 13GB torrent, they'll find that.    1463955246    3HzCM
103    They honestly shouldn't care about some of your Torrents. You may get in trouble for it, but nothing more severe than what your actually in for.    1463955275    w0tAo
104    And hey, if you do go to prison perhaps P1st may supply the money to uhm raid the prison?     1463955306    w0tAo
105    i mean wuut    1463955314    w0tAo
106    I really didn't think the ICMP ping packets would be traced back.     1463955338    3HzCM
107    and the fucking web requests to the status page, that was just stupid. I am surprised they managed to get a warrent using that. I guess it's enough substantial evidence...    1463955377    3HzCM
108    What were you pinging?    1463955387    w0tAo
109    The target of the attack.    1463955400    3HzCM
110    and the core router    1463955410    3HzCM
111    Ah. :/    1463955419    w0tAo
112    £57,000 in damages apparently.    1463955439    3HzCM
113    I doubt they'd make me pay that. I'd be fucked if they did rip    1463955463    3HzCM
114    Damn...    1463955473    w0tAo
115    It was stupid using vDos from my phone.    1463955507    3HzCM
116    We all fuck up (hug)    1463955528    w0tAo
117    I'm hoping for a caution...    1463955553    3HzCM
118    or community service.    1463955580    3HzCM
119    Indeed.    1463955625    w0tAo
120    I should be getting my stuff back soon (hopefully).    1463955682    3HzCM
121    Could you screenshot my HF profile please?    1463955694    3HzCM
122    Sure.    1463955781    w0tAo
123    <h1>test</h1>    1463955865    3HzCM
124    Good P1st (clap)    1463955876    3HzCM
125    1463955921    w0tAo
126    do I have any neg rep?    1463955984    3HzCM
127    like 3    1463956021    w0tAo
128    Bull, Average, Omni    1463956029    w0tAo
129    o do u?    1463956038    w0tAo
130    Omni negged me?    1463956044    3HzCM
131    No, I thought you asked if I did. No, you don't have any negs.    1463956073    w0tAo
132    OK, good, just checking.    1463956097    3HzCM
133    How much have we made this month?    1463956146    3HzCM
134    13    1463956180    w0tAo
135    Much better.    1463956208    7otx6
136    Hi P1st :)    1463956212    3HzCM
137    ah ty    1463956225    w0tAo
138    Alright guys, I'm off to bed. just letting you know the chat clears itself every 60mins, it's safer that way    1463956241    7otx6
139    see you tomorrow    1463956251    7otx6
140    See you bud    1463956265    w0tAo
141    Alright, thanks. Night (hug)    1463956265    3HzCM
142    Night (hug)    1463956277    7otx6
143    Hmm, do you have the Gazyo details?    1463956333    3HzCM
144    I mean, the Secret thing we made, do you have the MySQL details?    1463956359    3HzCM
145    I don't sadly.    1463956385    w0tAo
146    I'd like to check if anything is left in the database.    1463956407    3HzCM
147    There isn't anything, I've viewed everything you've sent me and if you never when to a 1time link I'd view it after awhile to make sure it's gone. Unles you allowed others access yours and my convos are gone from it    1463956465    w0tAo
148    Hopefully there isn't anything.    1463956575    3HzCM
149    Could you tell P1st on Skype to make sure he removed the SQL dumps that he gave me when he accidentally set everyone's expiration date to Unknown.    1463956741    3HzCM
150    Sure.    1463956834    t6j8U
151    Oh, also, do you have some Bitcoin spare to purchase a leakedsource package? I need to search for someone.    1463956927    3HzCM
152    Sure, I'll do that now    1463956985    t6j8U
153    Sorry if I don't reply for a few minutes, talking to several people    1463956998    t6j8U
154    Thanks, I'll give you the money for it when this is over.    1463957009    3HzCM
155    np    1463957043    t6j8U
156    Want the login details?    1463957101    t6j8U
157    Please    1463957116    3HzCM
158    SexyFunTime    1463957168    t6j8U
159    password321    1463957173    t6j8U
160    Did you send the Bitcoin?    1463957248    3HzCM
161    I am now.    1463957310    t6j8U
162    Alright, thanks <3    1463957319    3HzCM
163    Sent, bought a week     1463957348    t6j8U
164    :O Thanks man :)    1463957362    3HzCM
165    np <3     1463957371    t6j8U
166    Could you give me the TXID?    1463957410    3HzCM
167    Was using Circle, not sure it.. refference id is bdeadc42-a8b5-4a2d-8bd2-061b419a4009    1463957448    t6j8U
168    Do you think they'll be able to recover the Skype DBs from my phone?    1463957742    3HzCM
169    I removed the app from my phone each time I made a new Skype. Hopefully that deleted the DBs...    1463957765    3HzCM
170    What type of phone? iPhone or Samsung?    1463957818    t6j8U
171    Android Nexus 5    1463957832    3HzCM
172    "On android, its path is data\\data\\\\files\\SkypeName\\main.db . Root access required."    1463957888    3HzCM
173    Not sure honestly, I know on some Samsung's it'll have a tmp db but idk    1463957900    t6j8U
174    Hopefully they can't. They would have access to our chat log at the time of the thingy.    1463957982    3HzCM
175    If they don't have the DBs it should be impossible for them to recover the messages as Skype is P2P    1463958029    3HzCM
176    Still not got the package, weird.    1463959361    3HzCM
177    Yeah,  dw ive purchased b4 and it took around 12 hours.    1463959658    t6j8U
178    Oh, they use blockchain's API >.<    1463959755    3HzCM
179    yeah lel    1463959768    t6j8U
180    says 30 mins on their purchase page    1463959774    3HzCM
181    Oh, wait    1463959790    3HzCM
182    That's the expiration date for the address    1463959800    3HzCM
183    Tbh their site is sloppy and could be improved by 150%.    1463959864    t6j8U
184    It's pretty good considering it is searching 1 billion records lol    1463960136    3HzCM
185    True, but still could be improved lel    1463960190    t6j8U
186    I guess.    1463960226    3HzCM
187    Hi    1463989962    QHCm6
188    Herro c:    1463990032    Xnrxe
189    Ris wanted me to tell you this:    1463990059    Xnrxe
190    "tell him i purchased what he wanted me to but idk if they got it o.o"    1463990070    Xnrxe
191    Is that P1st? and ask Ris if the transaction failed.    1463990118    QHCm6
192    Yeah    1463990144    Xnrxe
193    He's offline    1463990150    Xnrxe
194    Actually, I think AJ gave me his user awhile ago, let me check    1463990217    Xnrxe
195    For Leaked Source?    1463990245    QHCm6
196    Your subscription is valid for 158.89 more hours. yay    1463990267    Xnrxe
197    Yeah, login with meow555:meow555    1463990276    Xnrxe
198    :O Thanks <3    1463990285    QHCm6
199    Copying and pasting is hard lol    1463990304    QHCm6
200    NP <3 I have to go to class now, talk to you later     1463990358    Xnrxe
201    Alright, speak to you later (hug)    1463990372    QHCm6
202    (hug)    1464007504    Xnrxe
203    <h1>a    1464007522    Xnrxe
204    Hello!    1464038340    zuqMZ
205    Anybody here?    1464038358    zuqMZ
206    Hey :3    1464128050    Xnrxe
207    Hello    1464131136    bPTOv
208    You here?    1464131149    bPTOv
209    :3    1464131154    bPTOv
210    :)    1464131253    bPTOv
211    I'm awake (hug)    1464152718    Xnrxe
212    Damn, you always message me when i'm asleep :c    1464152754    Xnrxe
213 He's just perfect <3    1464206929    GMoZa
214    Hi    1464215940    NfmbP
215    1464216044    NfmbP
216    Hi    1464293353    sIyxz
217    Hi (hug)    1464293386    GMoZa
218    Wait, who is this?    1464293409    GMoZa
219    Unknown    1464293435    sIyxz
220    Is it P1st?    1464293452    sIyxz
221    Herro? :S    1464293500    sIyxz
222    Senpai?    1464293575    sIyxz
223    Yeah, sorry, it's me, P1st :P    1464293590    GMoZa
224    How are things?    1464293608    sIyxz
225    When do you think all of this will be over? Skype is way better    1464293639    GMoZa
226    Good, I guess    1464293647    GMoZa
227    I find out if I am being charged on the 30th of June.    1464293675    sIyxz
228    I see :S    1464293739    GMoZa
229    Did you find out who reported the SSL certifcate?    1464293748    sIyxz
230    By the way, I contacted the guy who hosts your website about a month ago, I can ask him to remove your database if you want since you don't have the MySQL details     1464293815    GMoZa
231    And not yet    1464293831    GMoZa
232    I'm talking "DarkCop", I think    1464293872    GMoZa
233    How did you contact him?    1464293878    sIyxz
234    and yes, that is him.    1464293899    sIyxz
235    1464293944    GMoZa
236    I wouldn't touch it to be honest. They would have found it already.    1464293947    sIyxz
237    Ah    1464293956    GMoZa
238    Could you get the details from him and connect to the MySQL server. Do it through Tor obviously.    1464294010    sIyxz
239    I doubt he will give it to me, but I can try    1464294088    GMoZa
240    You can prove who you are. He has a vDos account.    1464294133    sIyxz
241    Tell him this, once I connected to his MC server and he made me verify who I was to him and Avery.    1464294176    sIyxz
242    I think his Skype might be th3darkcop    1464294201    sIyxz
243    Alright, I will, and yeah I already tried to add him    1464294268    GMoZa
244    But he "doesn't add people he doesn't know"    1464294284    GMoZa
245    So I'd have to contact him using this site    1464294291    GMoZa
246    Yeah, do that.    1464294335    sIyxz
247    I'm not sure what his username is. I'm pretty sure it has Warrior in it.    1464294396    sIyxz
248    "warriormaster"?    1464294441    GMoZa
249    Yeah, pretty sure that's it. BT IP address.    1464294479    sIyxz
250    Just see if I modified his account because I gave him lifetime for PayPal if you remember.    1464294518    sIyxz
251    Message him on Spigot and tell him that you sent him a message on vDos. Otherwise I'd doubt he'll see it. Tell him it is important not to message me.    1464294630    sIyxz
252    If he needs some other type of vertification tell him to send you a question to ask me.    1464294732    sIyxz
253    Are you going to purchase a new SSL certificate?    1464294887    sIyxz
254    Alright, I will contact him once I wake up, I really need to go to bed now    1464295002    GMoZa
255    And yes, most likely. We need to find out who reported the SSL cert first.    1464295011    GMoZa
256    Are they expensive?    1464295040    sIyxz
257    Not really, the thing is we need to find another SSL issuer since Digicert has our domain blacklisted    1464295128    GMoZa
258    At least that's what Jesse said    1464295133    GMoZa
259    How much have we made by only accepting Bitcoin?    1464295177    sIyxz
260    kk, going to bed now, nighty night (hug)    1464295190    GMoZa
261    hi - ris    1464295194    05hMu
262    nite p1st    1464295200    05hMu
263    Today was a pretty god day, made around 1.4k    1464295207    GMoZa
264    good*    1464295212    GMoZa
265    Ah, nice. Night!    1464295255    sIyxz
266    (hug)    1464295261    sIyxz
267    His Ris :3    1464295289    sIyxz
268    Hi*    1464295298    sIyxz
269    Woah what the fuck P1st added emojis? LOL    1464295307    05hMu
270    Yeah, only a few of them.    1464295329    sIyxz
271    Nice, how are you?    1464295334    05hMu
272    Good, my parents got their PC back today.    1464295368    sIyxz
273    Nice!     1464295381    05hMu
274    Yeah, luckily it wasn't damaged because they sent it by post.    1464295400    sIyxz
275    o.o interesting, did you check for anything mysterious and newly installed on it? ;p    1464295421    05hMu
276    They literally clone the HDD and work from that.    1464295453    sIyxz
277    I see.    1464295472    05hMu
278    I can't see any mysterious processes running or services.    1464295506    sIyxz
279    Sorry about the shit with LeakSource package or w/e. Circle didn't send money until legitly 5 hours later and by then the payment timed out.    1464295521    05hMu
280    Was the money sent?    1464295570    sIyxz
281    AJ had a package that I used anyway, so it's no problem.    1464295640    sIyxz
282    Nice, and not sure never checked haven/t been on lately.    1464295662    05hMu
283    Have you watched Orphan Black?    1464296139    sIyxz
284    I have to go - speak to you later, bye.    1464296228    sIyxz
285    Ah sorry I missed you! :( Was writing documentation for someone.    1464296522    05hMu
286    (hug)    1464296533    05hMu
287    Hi    1464298980    UcIbW
288    Hi    1464368015    AiYzQ
289    :3    1464368025    AiYzQ
290    Herro :3    1464372768    GMoZa
291    Hi, you here?    1464376432    sLKIE
292    Yeah, how are you?    1464376883    GMoZa
293    btw, Darkcop saw my message, but didn't reply    1464376962    GMoZa
294    He better not message me, that would be bad.    1464377006    sLKIE
295    He's probably away telling by his useragent    1464377052    GMoZa
296    "Linux; Android 6.0; HTC One M9 Build/MRA58K"    1464377055    GMoZa
297    Can you pastebin what you sent so I can see it?    1464377097    sLKIE
298    Is Jek back?    1464377178    sLKIE
299, and no    1464377195    GMoZa
300    I'm not sure how he will react to that. He might message me on Skype...    1464377286    sLKIE
301    You sent that on Skype?    1464377346    sLKIE
302    1464377381    GMoZa
303    What happened to L7?    1464377588    sLKIE
304    I don't have the time to maintain it because I'm busy with school and AJ is away most of the time. I had to remove it for the time being    1464377869    GMoZa
305    Also our servers got suspended    1464377913    GMoZa
306    I knew i would happen at some point    1464377996    GMoZa
307    it*    1464378000    GMoZa
308    Ah, how come Jesse isn't accepting payments then?    1464378020    sLKIE
309    Also, did he make those changes to the URLs and the Google form?    1464378076    sLKIE
310    Yes, and he's just being paranoid. He's worried that the cops will out about vDos    1464378446    GMoZa
311    We weren't making that much money off it anyway, it's fine    1464378654    GMoZa
312    Ah, well, we needed him to change the URLs so they couldn't search for things etc.    1464383244    TNowd
313    You here?    1464383292    TNowd
314    Yeah, but not for too long, what's up?    1464383408    GMoZa
315    Did you check for any activity with my vDos account?    1464383489    TNowd
316    They had access to vDos for 5 hours.    1464383511    TNowd
317    Nothing suspicious, I already checked    1464384053    GMoZa
318 lol    1464384138    TNowd
319    lol:3    1464389211    jV0NH
320    Is that Ris?    1464393865    H2Ixu
321    Not sure    1464426231    GMoZa
322 - - [27/May/2016:18:46:51 -0400] "POST /kittens/ HTTP/1.1" 200 3069 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/38.0"    1464426240    GMoZa
323    Check if it is Ris    1464439625    mKSHD
324    ?*    1464439631    mKSHD
325    You haven't edited the purchase page; it still says you get L7 access with VIP.    1464440486    mKSHD
326    Yeah, thanks for letting me know    1464473244    GMoZa
328    Apparently it wasn't Ris, I have no idea who it was :S     1464473353    GMoZa
329    Message me as soon as you read this    1464473382    GMoZa
330    Hi    1464473389    kBhmL
331    It's me.    1464473398    kBhmL
332    Alright, 1s    1464473424    GMoZa
333    You should have removed the base64 string.    1464473451    kBhmL
334    Login to your vDos account and check your inbox    1464473572    GMoZa
335    Alright, done.    1464473615    kBhmL
336    What was the IP again?    1464473659    kBhmL
337    1464473682    GMoZa
338    Let's hope it was just some random person.    1464473716    kBhmL
339    I'm going back to bed, g'night (hug)    1464473717    GMoZa
340    I really hope so    1464473726    GMoZa
341    Alright, good night :)    1464473732    kBhmL
342    You should add a last visited bit    1464473745    kBhmL
343    so you can see who is currently looking at the messages.    1464473767    kBhmL
344    It's a Tor IP address btw.    1464478887    7w54o
345    <h1>test</h1>    1464482858    7w54o
346    Fuck..... I forgot my Skype password.    1464486264    J7e9U
347    Fuck, god dammit.................. This is what happens when you create new accounts and don't login to your account after a month..........................    1464486600    J7e9U
348    How I feel right now    1464487016    J7e9U
349    Awh, let me know if you want my skypename    1464500952    P1st
350    You can always use Skype over Tor (nod)    1464500982    P1st
351    And yeah, it is, I have a feeling that it was Bear    1464501293    P1st
352    "Also about the card payments Digicert hasn't answered me yet they've been bouncing me around different departments, but once I figure out why they revoked your SSL certificate and it isn't a sketchy reason I'll put the gateway back online. I'm worried that if it's not a government investigation that it's someone specifically targeting us and both are not good since if someone complains to Visa about us I'm kind of fucked.  I'll push for a reason more since I need this to be back too LOL."    1464501505    P1st
353    Jesse ^    1464501514    P1st
354 (nerd)    1464506084    P1st
355    Hi    1464533355    Unknow
356    herro :3    1464533648    P1st
357    I want to login to my Skype to check if anyone has messaged me.    1464533742    Unknow
358    I made a HF account and saw that someone posted about the SSL. It was probably them.    1464534307    Unknow
359    Yeah, that's exactly what I told Jesse..    1464534409    P1st
360 here's the original post    1464534419    P1st
361    "[29/05/2016 05:54]P1st: And yeah, it is, I have a feeling that it was Bear" the person who said hi?    1464534483    Unknow
362    The image isn't loading btw, can you give me the imgur image link>    1464534565    Unknow
363    I got it, hmm, that's what I saw on the thread.    1464534631    Unknow
364    Are you using Universal SSL now or are you using Full SSL with a free certifcate?    1464534811    Unknow
365    Universal SSL, and yes, Ris was the only one who had access to this chat, and since it wasn't you or me I assume that he shared the link with Bear..    1464535100    P1st
366    When you registered the SSL certifcate did you upload any documents?    1464535171    Unknow
367    Are you talking about the EV SSL?    1464535201    P1st
368    Yeah    1464535232    Unknow
369    Jesse did, he also registered the company for me    1464535309    P1st
370    why?    1464535656    P1st
371    :/    1464538945    P1st
372    I was just wondering.    1464542779    Unknow
373    Hi    1464552374    Unknow
374    :3    1464552410    Unknow
375    :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3     1464552455    Unknow
376    Hi    1464552458    P1st
377    Woah, calm down lol    1464552465    P1st
378    :(    1464552482    Unknow
379    Sorry (hug)    1464552490    P1st
380    uhm, ris just sent me this:    1464552518    P1st
381    Should have replaced " :3" instead of just ":3" otherwise you can do h:3. Pretty sure that's not Skype's functionality.    1464552543    Unknow
382    Actually, it might, I miss Skype :( What did he send?    1464552582    Unknow
383, I have no idea who it was lol, doesn't matter as the chat is password protect now I guess    1464552660    P1st
384    Are you sure it wasn't me?     1464552805    Unknow
385    I am using Tor so it was probably me.    1464552820    Unknow
386    I mean, it wasn't me who sent the message but are you sure it wasn't my IP that you found.    1464552880    Unknow
387    I'm back sorry, I was showering, checking this..    1464554982    P1st
388    What the heck..    1464555081    P1st
389    looks like it was you after all lol:    1464555113    P1st
390    Do you have any idea who it was?    1464555379    P1st
391    I mean who sent the message    1464555491    P1st
392    Hmm, no, but the IP you gave is incorrect.    1464556024    Unknow
393    Do you still have the chat log?    1464556039    Unknow
394    Yup, and pretty sure that was the correct IP    1464556140    P1st
395    1s    1464556151    P1st
396    We're talking about this message, right?     1464556335    P1st
397    1464556340    P1st
398    No    1464556383    Unknow
399    It was 'Hi'    1464556414    Unknow
400    Hm?    1464556450    P1st
401    Give me the full chat log please, upload it to a text document.    1464556488    Unknow
402    with the date    1464556496    Unknow
403    Hang on, wtf, I think that was it but it wasn't me.    1464556743    Unknow

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